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Stop when everyone can see the rear view." "Nice butt cheeks." "Yeah, firm." "I'd like to spank that! "She will keep it...right in my hand." Julie didn't resist as Professor Crush took off her lanyard, wrapping the cord tightly around it until it disappeared into her clenched fist. The raven-haired slave girl had made an understandable mistake. Reluctantly Julie obeyed, exposing herself again to the crowd, only now with her feet spread about 3 foot apart by the tin tub between her legs. Julie looked over her shoulder at her raven-haired slave girl/mistress. I was reminded of the adage that slave girls made the cruelest Mistresses, and thought of Sunfire's threats to whip me. Julie was still wincing from the first blow and struggling when the strap cracked across her naked bottom for the second time.

She's like a boy." "No, we'll have to get her pants off to see that." "Okay, Julie, keep turning. He said that females without lanyards would be assumed to be slaves." At this the slave grader spoke up. She should keep the lanyard." At this Professor Crush pushed her way through the students to the front where Julie was standing. Stark naked and ready for a slave grading, with no lanyard to identify her as a guest, Julie appeared to be every inch a naked slave girl, from her bare feet to the blush on her lovely fresh face. "A slave girl never hides her body from her masters." There was some laughter at this, as the male students clearly enjoyed being referred to as Julie's "masters". I suspected a purpose, but surely they wouldn't make her... For a slave girl she certainly knew how to give a command.

" "Toast 'em up as red as her underpants." "Yeah, I'd give them a good squeeze while I was fucking her." Julie completed the circle. The ring as well." Julie's earrings were gold with a tiny trace of red; a sly tribute to her underwear, perhaps. The girl said, nothing, but taking a small leather strap from the cart snapped it across Julie's naked ass! Julie cried out, but the second stroke had its intended effect as she squatted over the tub with her hands on her head. "I don't want you peeing yourself during your examination." Desperate, poor Julie looked to Professor Crush and Professor Larson for deliverance. Soon everyone joined in, laughing and cheering as they did so as Julie, quite miserable, squatted over the pot with her legs spread wide. The depth and hollowness of the tin made her stream echo loudly around the room, like the sound of rain hitting a metal roof. I looked to Professor Larson, but he did not seem sad at all; indeed, he whispered something to the student next to him, who laughed.

"Professor Crush, the man at the gate said we should never remove our laynards. However after a moment's the confusion over Julie's status made perfect sense. Julie was being ordered to squat over the bucket, but why?

The examination table had straps but they were not needed, as her smiling classmates jostled for the chance to hold her naked body in place. " the slave grader said, addressing the slave girl in the Roman tunic. "She's slave hot already and I can do it faster with my hand." The slave girl went right to work and as Julie was already excited and the slave girl's technique was excellent it didn't take her long to work the moaning Julie into a total lather! Now little Julie-woo-wees papers get all signed by the big, bad Judge, and no one will care. Show the Judge your juiciness so I can put you on the auction block and sell your hot slave pussy." Watching Professor Crush I was reminded of a paper I had read on the psychology of teasing.

"I have something of a confession to make," Professor Crush said. Then Professor Crush will pay to have you slave trained and sold." The slave trainer spoke directly to Professor Crush. "That was the deal." "Yes, I'll put her on the block. After I finish with her myself, of course," she said, gently running her hand over the trembling girl's cheek. The cameras in the corners of the room were recording her "juicing" and combined with her browsing history and the testimony of Professor Crush, Professor Larson, and her other so-called friends. Maybe real life slavery is even hotter than the fantasy." Was it true? Teasing is a natural primate activity, and has been observed in monkeys and apes as well as humans.

"Do your business, Julie," Professor Crush said curtly. The slave girl, impatient with the delay, struck Julie once again across her bottom cheeks with the strap, and in her precarious position she almost fell forward. His sudden change in tenor didn't surprise me; once an individual surrenders his principals and conforms to group norms they often become the most enthusiastic proponents of the actions they used to propose.

"Dogs and slaves must learn to loosen their bladders at their master's command, and so then must you." "Pee! Looking to Professor Larson for deliverance she held on, until at last he joined the chant. Whether Julie knew it or not, she'd be getting no more help from her Professor.

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Even his blatant erection was nothing to be ashamed of, since the other males in the room were in the same turgid state. I don't want to lick some pussy that every guy on campus has blown a load into." I found the comments intriguing. The slave grader pressed a button on his phone app and a few seconds later a slave girl entered.A gynoid (or fembot) is a humanoid robot that is gendered feminine.Gynoids appear widely in science fiction film and art.It seems that she frequented several web sites, including a particularly prurient one called LITEROTICA, that features stories of young women being enslaved." Parting the crowd Professor Crush walked up to Julie, and lifted her chin so she could look her directly into her eyes. Playing the sweet and innocent girl at school while at night you rub your pussy all nice and juicy as you read your Internet porn. " Professor Crush's expression hardened as her voice went cold. So it was that Professor Crush's gentle teasing of her students revealed itself as a naked expression of her absolute power.Disgusting." Smiling broadly Professor Crush playfully wiggled Julie's nose, reminding me of the move that Suzie had used on me when I had been naked in my slave cage.

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Bijvoorbeeld: u wilt met een ander stel chatten, dan kunt u dit selecteren boven aan de pagina.

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So they showed enough, I think, to at least say, “This is the behind-the-scenes and what happened, and let’s sum it up.” You’re going to disappoint people, I guess, in these situations and I think they did what they thought was appropriate.

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Learn more about Alexa's Data Unique Visitors and Pageviews The number of people who visit this site and the number of pages they view.

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Feel free to browse our website and if you wish us to add another genre/category then email us with your request..

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That said, here's my advice for non-Mexican women about what to expect. Don’t Believe Everything You Hear Foreign women might be delighted by the effusiveness of Mexican men.

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Jaumo is free to use, though its “red carpet version” is available to users as well.

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You’ll do yourself no good if you’re just going to skim through this material and then do nothing about it. Given the amount of details in this guide, it’s almost impossible to remember everything once you’re done reading it. When a man gets attracted to a woman, he tends to fall into this phase where they constantly ask her for permission before doing anything.

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At the current rate it would take the most popular man 2.3 years to fill up his. Well, you’ve seen this a few times before:“Most men compliment the attractive women a lot, they make reference to something in the woman’s profile (you would not believe how many times men mentioned the party tricks and ‘Arrow’ the cheetah from the generic profile I wrote), or they ask a general question about travel or something equally boring.” What SHOULD he write instead?

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It was originally a service called Just Say Hi, but the site transitioned to Mingle2 in 2008 and now works with many populations of singles.

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“If Le Bron James or Paul George joins, they too might take the starting spot for power forward,” noted.